Just like you, we’ve been on a journey of discovery. How can we bond with our developing son or daughter? What is this new life actually capable of? How do we know what’s beneficial and healthy at which stages?

Bellybuds was born when we followed our intuition to create a safe way to play prenatal music and sound to our own baby-to-be. We were curious, of course, what science had to say about it all, and did quite a bit of research along the way.

We weren’t surprised to learn that a large percentage of the research studies we encountered support what we suspected all along: sharing audio at the safe levels we created helps stimulate the baby’s development in positive ways, and helps create voice recognition patterns, even before birth. That made us even more excited about sharing this technology with other parents-to-be.

We encourage you to look around on your own so that you, too, can make decisions for your developing baby that you feel good about. Below are some links we found useful.


Research 1

Music During Pregnancy

Aspects of Fetal Learning and Memory

Newborn Infants Detect the Beat in Music

Maturation of Fetal Responses to Music

Developmental Change in Fetal Response to Repeated Low-Intensity Sound

Fetal Learning: A Prospective Randomized Controlled Study

Fetal Discrimination of Low Pitched Musical Notes

Development of Fetal Hearing

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