maturation of fetal responses to music

On June 4, 2010, in Blog, Research, by Russ

by b.s. kisilevsky et al, developmental science 2004.
study suggests that a fetus responds increasingly to complex auditory stimulation as it matures and therefore provides evidence that a higher order of auditory perception begins before birth

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aspects of fetal learning and memory

On June 4, 2010, in Blog, Research, by Russ

study suggests the presence of both short-term memory (10 minutes) and long-term memory (4 weeks) are present as early as 30 weeks gestational age.

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developmental change in fetal response to repeated low-intensity sound

On June 4, 2010, in Blog, Research, by Russ

by s. morokuma et al, developmental science 2008.
study suggests that the fetus responds with increasing speeds of habituation,leading them to believe that the baby is learning in utero.

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New study suggests 1 in 10 men…

On May 19, 2010, in Blog, Tweet, by Bellybuds

New study suggests 1 in 10 men may suffer from depression after a baby’s birth


Really cool pre-natal device

On May 4, 2010, in Blog, Reviews, by Bellybuds

I thought the idea of letting your baby listen to recorded messages from other family members is such a neat idea. I wish that this device was around when I was having kids. It’s a perfect give for the new mom for Mother’s Day or for that baby shower gift…

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