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Babybitenet Review

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Love these!

I’m pregnant with my second child, and I was a little concerned a few weeks back, because the baby was in the breech position, and nothing I seemed to do would turn her. I got myself a pair of belly buds, and wore them around the house for a couple days, playing her classical music and keeping the headphones low on my belly (hoping to lure her downwards.) Anyway, it worked! The next time I went to the doctor, she was in the “head-down” position, and has stayed there ever since.

I’ve continued using my belly buds, since I read that playing music is stimulating for the baby (and after nine months in there, she’s gotta be a little bored:). They’re lightweight, easy to use, and perhaps most importantly, they make me feel like I’m doing something nice for my baby, even as I’m just going about my day. I highly recommend this product to any expectant mother.


Mom Testimonials

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We sent real moms-to-be a pair of Bellybuds and asked them to give us their honest opinions…


Sweeptight Sponsor Spotlight & Review

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Bellybuds® Pregnancy Bellyphones

“Soothe. Share. Bond.”

We have all heard how beneficial music can be for a child’s development and learning, but what about a baby in the womb?

Studies show that babies in the womb can hear voices and music. When babies are born they are familiar with the voices that they had heard while in the womb and this is comforting to them. Many believe that the music a baby hears while in the womb is also important, that is can soothe and help in their development.

Bellybuds are soft “bellyphones” that adhere to a mommie’s tummy. These volume controlled speakers allow baby to hear recorded voices and prenatal music while in the womb. Plug them into your iPod or any Mp3 player, they even come with a splitter so you can plug a pair of headphones in and listen along with baby.

Safe and comfortable!

Bellybuds have a fixed safe maximum volume so you won’t have to worry about turning them up too loud.”

“Skin-safe, disposable, hydrogel adhesive rings secure the bellybuds to the unique and changing curves of a pregnant belly.”

Another really cool thing about Bellybuds is that they are pretty much silent to those around you, you can wear them under your clothing and play music for your baby, anywhere and anytime without disturbing others!

Since I am not pregnant I got my best friend “D”, who was, to give Bellybuds a try. She loved them! She said they were very easy to use, didn’t hurt at all when removing from her belly, they were comfortable to wear under clothing and while relaxing. “D” thought they were so awesome! She said they were one of the best prezzies she received and she goes around telling everyone about them! (so cute)

“Not Just For Music Anymore…”

Check out these amazing ways others are using BellyBuds:

*Military moms are playing recorded messages from husbands overseas
*Adopting couples are sending their voices for the birth mom to play to her belly
*OB/GYNs are helping turn the baby “toward camera” for ultrasound pictures
*Surrogacy couples are familiarizing their baby-to-be with their voices
*Moms with breech babies are helping turn the baby downwards

Bellybuds VoiceShare, Free voice recording service!! “You can share loving messages with your baby from parents, grandparents, other relatives and friends. This way, when your baby meets the person who recorded the message for the first time, their voice will already be familiar.“ How cool is that?!

Bellybuds receives 2 total thumbs up from me and “D”, we recommend Bellybuds for any mommy to be!

The Deluxe Bellybuds® set includes:

1 set of Bellybuds Bellyphones® to share prenatal music and voices with your baby anytime, anywhere

4 sets of Hydrogel Adhesive Rings to secure the bellybuds to the unique and changing curves of your belly

1 set of Silicon Covers that dampen the external sound so you play to your baby, not your neighbors

1 Storage Pouch to take your bellybuds anywhere

1 Audio Splitter so you can hear the same audio as your baby


You can purchase Bellybuds online or at a retailer near you.

Bellybuds is on Facebook and Twitter, be sure to check them out!

Retail Price: $49.99


Music for Baby- A Bellybuds Review

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Thanks to our friends over at for reviewing Bellybuds!
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Every mommy wants to do everything perfectly during her pregnancy to give her baby the best headstart possible in life. This is why I purchased Bellybuds through Amazon after much research on all the contraptions that allow your baby to listen to music in the womb. I’m not sure if they really do work in terms of enhancing mental development since there’s no definitive research proving or disproving that playing music to the baby in the womb does make a difference later in life. But I figure it couldn’t hurt and besides, she seems to like it, well at least that’s how I interpret all her kicking and thumping around whenever I play some music. Our baby listens to baby Mozart and nursery rhymes, you can get CDs in any Odyssey or SM for around 100-300 Php for a compilation. We bought our CDs in Odyssey Greenbelt 1 and SM Makati.

Bellybuds come with a pouch, additional adhesive rings, silicon covers, and an audio splitter so you can listen to your baby’s music too.

Bellybuds, neoprene storage pouch, audio splitter

Pros: Quick, convenient way for baby to listen to music no matter where you are. Just plug them into your iPod, iPhone or computer and you’re good to go. When you’re done, the pouch slips easily into your purse! I find these less conspicuous than the music belts that I’ve seen online. Adhesives allow the Bellybuds to stick easily to your tummy but I prefer to use them under my maternity pants to keep them in place instead.

Cons: You have to change the adhesives every now and then and refills cost extra. But you don’t really need to buy them if you secure them with your maternity pants. Also, don’t lose the white peanut shaped thing that the Bellybuds are mounted on or you won’t have any place to store them without damaging the adhesives. Here’s a picture of the adhesive portion of the Bellybuds:

All in all, I highly recommend them for any expectant mommy. We are hoping that she turns from her current footling breech position to cephalic before she’s ready to come out. A lot of the reviews online say that playing music is effective in helping a breech baby to turn since babies apparently try to move their heads towards the music. I’m skeptical but hopefully it works!


Bellybuds for my Baby Bump- Review

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Many thanks to our friend Amy, at A Latte with Ott, A for another stellar review!
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Monday, January 9, 2012

Bellybuds for my Baby Bump

We are past the half way mark and our little machiaOTTo is doing just great. Below is a picture from our 20 week ultrasound. We were so amazed getting to see the baby’s heart, brain, kidneys, bladder, umbilical cord and even it’s feet. It is truly a blessing to see what technology and biology can do.
PhotobucketAnd 20 week also means that the baby’s hearing has developed so it can now hear sounds outside the womb. This got me to thinking about playing some music for our baby. Now of course the baby can jam along with me during a car ride, but what about some music directed toward the baby and for the direct benefit of the baby. Well I got to looking and thinking and was thrilled to get a pair of Bellybudsto review.

Just like earbuds are for you to help listen to your ipod or MP3 player; bellybuds are designed for your baby to listen to music while in the womb. The bellybuds are designed for sound to reach the womb at a safe level, yet dampen the sound so it can’t be heard by you or others around you. There is an adhesive on the bellybuds to attach right to your belly, and as you can see in the picture below they can be worn discreetly under your clothes so no one will know your baby is boogieing away.

After use the bellybuds can be removed painlessly (I’ve had bandaids hurt worse than these do) and returned to a card they come with to keep the adhesive fresh until next time. The pack also came with some replacement adhesives for multiple uses and you can purchase more on the bellybuds website. (And yes, I can’t believe I am showing you my pregnant belly on this blog, but I did want you can see how the bellybuds fit.)
Another feature that come with the belly buds is a Audio Splinter. (pictured below) This is an extra piece that allows you to hook up your own earbuds to the sound outlet so you can ear and baby can hear at the exact same time. I really liked this feature and enjoy knowing exactly what our baby is hearing while they hear it. Here I hooked the bellybuds up to a diskman. Bellybuds has a voice share option on their website and I found this to be helpful in that it allows you to record your voice and then download it and burn it on a CD. Not that baby needs to hear my voice anymore than it already does all day long, but now it can hear Ott, E’s voice. You could also have other family members record their message, read it a book or tell it a story and they could e-mail the message to you for download and baby can become familiar with every ones voices.
Or like I mentioned earlier you can always plug it into your ipod or MP3 Player and tuck it inside your pocket while you do other work during the day. In general they say not to use the bellybuds for more than one hour at a time and only about 3 days a week.


I started out with only 15 minutes the first time and then worked my way up in 15 minutes intervals to the full hour. I have been playing classical music mostly, but every now and then I play it the Purdue Fight Song (Boiler Up!) along with some country and classic rock favorites.

So what songs would you select for your baby to listen to????

Big thanks to Bellybuds for sending me this pair to review on my blog. You can purchase a pair for yourself or for someone you know who is expecting on their website. You can also find them on facebook and twitter (@bellybuds).

Please note while Bellybuds did give me this sample of their product to review; all thoughts, opinions and photos shared on this blog post are my own.

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