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If you’re a fan of TV’s Modern Family, you may have noticed Sofia Vergara’s recently-pregnant character, Gloria, sporting a curious little item on her growing belly. But for Bellybuds creator Curtis Williams, seeing Vergara sporting his specialized speaker system, which plays sound directly to the womb, was a pivotal moment. “Seeing Sofia Vergara wearing Bellybuds almost knocked me right off the sofa—we had no idea that was going to happen.“

Williams developed the product because he and his then-pregnant wife wanted it for their own baby. Since a baby’s hearing is fully developed at just 20 weeks in utero and his memory begins to form at 30 weeks, they were looking for a way to bond—and be sure their baby heard them. With Bellybuds, they could transmit music and sounds, and speak directly to their unborn baby. The buds—think of them as attachable earpieces made for the belly—adhere with a reusable gel ring, and allow Mom and Baby to listen to music together, as well.

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The product was designed to allow parents to bond with their baby, but it also helps long distance friends and family connect, too. The company’s VoiceShare platform, explains Williams, “allows loved ones to record messages for baby, no matter their location. Bellybuds users can invite others to join their network and then exchange and download voice messages between contacts.”

For Williams, the VoiceShare feature may be the most rewarding aspect of his invention. “Every once in a while I’ll search for mentions of the product on people’s blogs and such, and when I come across moms playing messages from dads that are, say, overseas, or when there’s a funny conversation about what songs everyone is playing to their babies, it really is a warm fuzzy. I thought of this product because my wife and I wanted this product, and then seeing others enjoying it for their own reasons is really special.”

And seeing Vergara with Bellybuds attached to her—albeit prosthetic—baby bump went beyond just free advertising. “It meant a great deal to me,” says Williams, because it’s a sign that the product is finally beginning to become part of popular culture; all our efforts are beginning to pay off.”

 As we learn more and more about fetal development and cognizance in utero, an item like Bellybuds can provide a precious link to our growing babies, plus, they make a great gift for an expectant mom. I wish I’d known about these when I was pregnant—after all, I really didn’t need another fancy dress for my baby girl! Bellybuds retail for between $49.99 and $71.99 and can be purchased online or at one of several national retail outlets.

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Macaroni Kid – Bellybuds Review

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Macaroni Kid

When I was pregnant with my first child, now two years old, I would rest regular headphones on my belly to share some in-utero brain-boosting tunes. I’d have to lie as still as possible so the headphones didn’t slip off my ever-expanding belly.

This proved impossible with baby number two: a pregnant woman chasing a toddler with headphones on her belly does not compute! So when I was asked to review Bellybuds, I was psyched. I love them!

Bellybuds are specialized speakers that gently adhere to your belly and play music, voices and sounds for your baby to hear. You can walk and move around as you soothe your baby with soft sounds and music. It’s safe and a wonderful way to bond with your little one!

I love sharing music with my baby in the womb, and I love having the ability to move around while doing so. Bellybuds are perfect for me!

By: Meaghan Guzman (Read full article here)


Bumps & Babies – BellyBuds Review: Music for the Womb

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by Audrey McClelland of Mom Generations

Bumps and babies!

I have been having a ton of fun trying products out during my pregnancy – especially loving the products that are geared specifically for me and Victoria.

Well… I’ve been LOVING Bellybuds for my Victoria during my pregnancy!

Bellybuds are specialized speakers that gently adhere to the belly and safely play music and sounds directly to the womb. A baby’s hearing is fully developed in utero at about 20 weeks and studies have shown that memories begin at 30 weeks. Whether it is music, soothing sounds or even loving voice messages, Bellybuds are a convenient and effective option for playing audio to the womb.

Here’s how I use mine…

As you can tell, they are SUPER easy to use. I think it’s such a wonderful way to bond with your baby and also send them some soothing and beautiful sounds and music.

Definitely worth checking out!!


Review: Play Music To Baby in the Womb

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By Melissa Dunlap
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Bellybuds product review

The rundown

Bellybuds, ($50) are special flat speakers that can be adhered to your belly to play music and sounds directly to your baby in womb (essentially wearable earphones for your belly).

The product was created by dad turned inventor Curtis Williams, who came up with the idea after watching his then-pregnant wife try to play music to their unborn daughter using iPod earbuds. The problem with her technique was that it left her on her back lying down — not an ideal position for pregnant women — and limited what she could do while playing music.

Realizing there wasn’t currently a prenatal music player on the market, Williams came up with the idea of Bellybuds.

What it promises

A baby’s hearing is fully developed in the womb at about 20 weeks and studies have shown that memories begin at 30 weeks.

Bellybuds provide parents an alternative way to give audio stimulation to their unborn child and it can help start creating music memories now. Research has found that newborns recognize, and can even be soothed by, sounds that were heard in the womb.

Plus, the experience of playing music to your unborn child can help parents further bond.

Ways Bellybuds can be used:

  • Moms with breech babies play music to help turn the baby
  • Military moms can play recorded messages from dads oversees
  • OBGYNS are using Bellybuds to help capture the perfect ultrasound picture
  • Surrogacy/adopting couples can familiarize their baby-to-be with their voices


  • 1 Set of Bellybuds: Bellybuds plug into standard digital music players
  • 4 Pairs of adhesives: To secure the Bellybuds to your tummy while on the go
  • 1 Audio splitter: You can listen to the same music as your baby this way
  • 1 Storage pouch: Holds all the items for easy organization and portability (just toss in your purse)

To use, follow these steps:

  1. Plug Bellybuds into any standards digital music player.
  2. To use without adhesives, simply tuck them into your maternity pants for support.
  3. To use with adhesives, belly should be free of lotions and oils so they adhere correctly. Follow instructions for applying adhesives to Bellybuds.
  4. There are “Pre” and “Post” natal settings on the Bellybuds. Make sure to select the “pre”-natal setting. This setting has a lower maximum level of sound that’s safe for a baby in womb.
  5. Limit use of Bellybuds to 1 hour a day.

Consult your doctor prior to using. See product for full details.

The experience:

I was super excited to check out the Bellybuds especially after seeing the Modern Family episode where Gloria sings to the baby while wearing a pair. Having similar vocal talents as Gloria, I opted to play the baby some tunes rather than singing her lullabies (don’t want to traumatize her after all).

Prior to using the Bellybuds I discussed it with my OB to get his OK and he recommended playing soft-paced tunes over wild and crazy beats.

With my baby daddy

My husband is obsessed with Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, which he chose to play for our baby girl (I think he’s secretly hoping it’ll have the Mozart Effect). The first time we used the Bellybuds we used it without the adhesives and the elastic panel in my maternity pants held it in place just fine while sitting on the couch.

It turned out to be a great bonding experience for my husband. He cuddled up and rubbed my belly while the songs played. We both had a great time together.

With the baby’s Grammie

I used the audio splitter to hook up the Bellybuds and my Apple earbuds up to my iPhone so that my mom, who is several states away, could speak to the baby while we were on the phone. Note: I kept the cell phone about 3 feet away from my belly while on the call as an extra safety precaution against cell phone radiation.

Being so far away from each other during my first pregnancy (also my mom’s first grandchild) hasn’t been easy and this was a fun way for her to interact with the baby.

On the move

The adhesives are a nice option for a little more mobility. I was able to wear the Bellybuds while doing a little spring-cleaning in preparation for our little one. The sticky feeling on the adhesives took a little getting used to, but they held up quite nicely and I think the amount that came in the set is enough to get me through the rest of my pregnancy.

I’ve heard moms say that as newborns their little one recognizes the songs they were played in utero. We still have a few more weeks before our little girl arrives and I haven’t been able to test this out yet, but we are playing a rotation of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and Miles Davis’ Kinda Blue to give her some music appreciation and will hopefully be able to see if she recognizes the songs after birth.

The bottom line

Bellybuds are a fun way for parents-to-be bond with their baby. Grandparents and other family members will get a kick out of the experience too. Dads who are in the military or frequently travel will likely appreciate the bonding opportunity it provides since they can record their voice to be played to the baby.

Bellybuds would be a great baby shower gift or the perfect little present for new grandparents to send expecting moms as a special treat.

Where to buy

Bellybuds are available for purchase at, Babies “R” Us,, BuyBuyBaby, and other retailers.


Bellybuds: A Unique Way to Bond with Your Baby

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Here’s a novel way for moms to bond with the little one in her womb.

By Tina Santiago-Rodriguez 
Original post here

A while back, I received a gift from a friend and local mompreneur, Helen See of Hatch and Latch. She sent me Bellybuds, which are basically small, round, “wearable speakers” that allow moms-to-be like me to play music and sounds to the babies developing in our wombs.

When I first heard of Bellybuds, I found it to be such a novel idea. When I was pregnant with our first child, I would place the earphones of my husband’s old CD player on my abdomen, and play praise and classical music so that our baby could “hear” it. I did the same for our second child, too. However, I found that it was most convenient to do this only when I was at home or in the car as I had a hard time lugging around the CD player, and the earphones would usually slip out of place.

Now, with Bellybuds, I don’t have that problem.

What are Bellybuds?According to the material included in my Bellybuds package, the Bellybuds “Bellyphones” audio system “plugs into any standard digital music device and is specially designed to adhere gently to the varying curvature of a pregnant belly.”

Each Bellybuds package contains:

• Bellybuds Bellyphones

These are specialized audio speakers with domed housings that come with a trial pair of adhesives already attached. The Bellyphones have a maximum output level that, even when turned all the way up, will reach the womb at a safe level.

• Silicon covers

These help soften the ambient sound from the speakers so that you may use the Bellyphones whenever you choose, without disturbing the people around you. They come already attached to the Bellyphones but may be removed if desired.

• Audio splitter

This piece allows the mom to listen simultaneously to the same sounds that the baby is listening to.

• Pouch

The handy pouch stores your Bellybuds when not in use.

• Twist-on Rings (One pair)

These twist onto the Bellyphones (after the trial pair of adhesive rings have worn out and are removed) and provide the surface onto which the replacement adhesives are placed.

• Replacement adhesives (Four pairs)

These are similar to the trial pair of adhesive rings that are already attached to your Bellybuds. They are designed to adhere better and last longer.

How Bellybuds are used

There are two basic ways we pregnant moms can use Bellybuds:

1. Remove the adhesive and just tuck them into our maternity pants or pregnancy support garment.

2. Use the included skin-safe adhesives. The expecting mom provides the musical apparatus (in my case, it’s my trusty laptop, or sometimes my hubby’s mp3 player). Then you just plug the Bellybuds into any headphone hook-up. The adhesives make sure that the buds stay in place, so you can wear them under your pregnancy clothes while typing away at the office (which is what I sometimes do), walking, shopping for groceries, etc.


What I like about Bellybuds

Compared to using regular headphones, Bellybuds has made the “musical bonding” time between my little one and me much easier. Before I was gifted with Bellybuds, I’d always have to hold the earphones in place, or tuck them as securely as I could onto the top of my pants.

This didn’t work all the time though, as the earphones would slip out of place. Also, this limited Baby’s “music listening time” because I could usually only do it while sitting or lying down. With Bellybuds’ adhesives, Baby can listen to music even when I’m standing or walking. (And even dancing around a bit with my two older kids!)

Another thing I like about using Bellybuds is that I can listen simultaneously to the music Baby’s listening to by using the included audio splitter. With regular headphones, this is still possible, though I usually end up with an achy neck.

Another added feature is that family members can record their voices using a free recording platform, VoiceShare, on the BellyBuds website. The recordings can then be played so Baby can listen to them. We have yet to try this though.

Overall, I am very satisfied with my Bellybuds, and I would encourage other moms to try it, too, if they can.


Bellybuds Review

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Originally posted by Mommies Angels

Do you know a pregnant lady or are you one? If so I got a great new invention to share with you. It’s called Bellybuds and it is amazing and I wish I had it when I was pregnant!
Bellybuds are specialized speakers that gently adhere to the belly and safely play music and sounds directly to the womb. Did you know a baby’s hearing is fully developed in utero at about 20 weeks? It is true! I think this is amazing because when I was pregnant with my kids my babies would get so active when I was talking to them or singing. I knew they could hear me and I knew they loved it. Even when my husband would talk to my belly I could feel them move closer towards him to listen. It was so fun!

But what is so good about Belly buds is it gets the music and voices to baby safely and easier then trying to sing to your belly lol. I am also a strong believer that when the baby is born that what ever music or sounds you did while pregnant seems to calm them. I used to sing Mockingbird when I was pregnant with my son and whenever he was fussy after birth I would sing it and he would immediately calm down to listen. It was a calming familiar sound to him and it worked wonders. From that on with all my pregnancies I sung a special song to my baby in my belly and it worked them same every time. Now I just wished I had Bellybuds it would of made singing to them so much easier plus studies have proven that playing classical music to baby in utero calms them and seems to help them learn better when they get older. Trust me what does it hurt to try right?
Bellybuds come with one set of speakers that attach to your belly with or without adhesive. It comes with 4 pairs of adhesive. it comes with 1 audio splitter so you and baby can listen at the same time to the music. It also comes with a handy storage pouch to hold everything. This would be a great gift for a baby shower or Christmas so get yours today! You can even check them out on Facebook or Twitter.

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