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If you’re a fan of TV’s Modern Family, you may have noticed Sofia Vergara’s recently-pregnant character, Gloria, sporting a curious little item on her growing belly. But for Bellybuds creator Curtis Williams, seeing Vergara sporting his specialized speaker system, which plays sound directly to the womb, was a pivotal moment. “Seeing Sofia Vergara wearing Bellybuds almost knocked me right off the sofa—we had no idea that was going to happen.“

Williams developed the product because he and his then-pregnant wife wanted it for their own baby. Since a baby’s hearing is fully developed at just 20 weeks in utero and his memory begins to form at 30 weeks, they were looking for a way to bond—and be sure their baby heard them. With Bellybuds, they could transmit music and sounds, and speak directly to their unborn baby. The buds—think of them as attachable earpieces made for the belly—adhere with a reusable gel ring, and allow Mom and Baby to listen to music together, as well.

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The product was designed to allow parents to bond with their baby, but it also helps long distance friends and family connect, too. The company’s VoiceShare platform, explains Williams, “allows loved ones to record messages for baby, no matter their location. Bellybuds users can invite others to join their network and then exchange and download voice messages between contacts.”

For Williams, the VoiceShare feature may be the most rewarding aspect of his invention. “Every once in a while I’ll search for mentions of the product on people’s blogs and such, and when I come across moms playing messages from dads that are, say, overseas, or when there’s a funny conversation about what songs everyone is playing to their babies, it really is a warm fuzzy. I thought of this product because my wife and I wanted this product, and then seeing others enjoying it for their own reasons is really special.”

And seeing Vergara with Bellybuds attached to her—albeit prosthetic—baby bump went beyond just free advertising. “It meant a great deal to me,” says Williams, because it’s a sign that the product is finally beginning to become part of popular culture; all our efforts are beginning to pay off.”

 As we learn more and more about fetal development and cognizance in utero, an item like Bellybuds can provide a precious link to our growing babies, plus, they make a great gift for an expectant mom. I wish I’d known about these when I was pregnant—after all, I really didn’t need another fancy dress for my baby girl! Bellybuds retail for between $49.99 and $71.99 and can be purchased online or at one of several national retail outlets.

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