Bellybuds & Children's Hospital Los Angeles

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Bellybuds has recently partnered with Children's Hospital Los Angeles and will be donating a percentage of sales to benefit the Mark Taper - Johnny Mercer Artists Program:

At Children's Hospital Los Angeles, bandages, medicines and compassionate clinicians are not the only things relied upon for patients to heal. We also use paint, clay, musical instruments and poems to heal the whole child. To do this, we rely on art, dance, drama, music and expressive arts therapies.  By serving the whole child, instead of just their symptoms of illness or injury, our patients have better health outcomes. Through art and music, we help them alleviate anxiety, provide psychological support and offer creative outlets for self-expression.   

Alexandra Field, MT-BC, NICU-MT Artists Program Lead

Your purchase of Bellybuds now goes toward helping thousands of infants and children coping with illness and injury.  To donate directly to CHLA or to learn more about their organization, click either link below. Thank you!