Bellybuds: A Unique Way to Bond with Your Baby

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Here’s a novel way for moms to bond with the little one in her womb.

By Tina Santiago-Rodriguez 
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A while back, I received a gift from a friend and local mompreneur, Helen See of Hatch and Latch. She sent me Bellybuds, which are basically small, round, “wearable speakers” that allow moms-to-be like me to play music and sounds to the babies developing in our wombs.

When I first heard of Bellybuds, I found it to be such a novel idea. When I was pregnant with our first child, I would place the earphones of my husband’s old CD player on my abdomen, and play praise and classical music so that our baby could “hear” it. I did the same for our second child, too. However, I found that it was most convenient to do this only when I was at home or in the car as I had a hard time lugging around the CD player, and the earphones would usually slip out of place.

Now, with Bellybuds, I don’t have that problem.

What are Bellybuds?According to the material included in my Bellybuds package, the Bellybuds “Bellyphones” audio system “plugs into any standard digital music device and is specially designed to adhere gently to the varying curvature of a pregnant belly.”

Each Bellybuds package contains:

• Bellybuds Bellyphones

These are specialized audio speakers with domed housings that come with a trial pair of adhesives already attached. The Bellyphones have a maximum output level that, even when turned all the way up, will reach the womb at a safe level.

• Silicon covers

These help soften the ambient sound from the speakers so that you may use the Bellyphones whenever you choose, without disturbing the people around you. They come already attached to the Bellyphones but may be removed if desired.

• Audio splitter

This piece allows the mom to listen simultaneously to the same sounds that the baby is listening to.

• Pouch

The handy pouch stores your Bellybuds when not in use.

• Twist-on Rings (One pair)

These twist onto the Bellyphones (after the trial pair of adhesive rings have worn out and are removed) and provide the surface onto which the replacement adhesives are placed.

• Replacement adhesives (Four pairs)

These are similar to the trial pair of adhesive rings that are already attached to your Bellybuds. They are designed to adhere better and last longer.

How Bellybuds are used

There are two basic ways we pregnant moms can use Bellybuds:

1. Remove the adhesive and just tuck them into our maternity pants or pregnancy support garment.

2. Use the included skin-safe adhesives. The expecting mom provides the musical apparatus (in my case, it’s my trusty laptop, or sometimes my hubby’s mp3 player). Then you just plug the Bellybuds into any headphone hook-up. The adhesives make sure that the buds stay in place, so you can wear them under your pregnancy clothes while typing away at the office (which is what I sometimes do), walking, shopping for groceries, etc.


What I like about Bellybuds

Compared to using regular headphones, Bellybuds has made the “musical bonding” time between my little one and me much easier. Before I was gifted with Bellybuds, I’d always have to hold the earphones in place, or tuck them as securely as I could onto the top of my pants.

This didn’t work all the time though, as the earphones would slip out of place. Also, this limited Baby’s “music listening time” because I could usually only do it while sitting or lying down. With Bellybuds’ adhesives, Baby can listen to music even when I’m standing or walking. (And even dancing around a bit with my two older kids!)

Another thing I like about using Bellybuds is that I can listen simultaneously to the music Baby’s listening to by using the included audio splitter. With regular headphones, this is still possible, though I usually end up with an achy neck.

Another added feature is that family members can record their voices using a free recording platform, VoiceShare, on the BellyBuds website. The recordings can then be played so Baby can listen to them. We have yet to try this though.

Overall, I am very satisfied with my Bellybuds, and I would encourage other moms to try it, too, if they can.


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