Top 10 Pregnancy Must Haves!

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Being pregnant is not easy. Find out the Top Ten Pregnancy Must Haves to make your pregnant life easier and where to snag them from


Prenatal Bonding

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Prenatal BondingDid you know that nurturing your child starts before he or she is even born? Parental bonds begin – for mother and father – can begin while your child is still in the womb. When this bond is built as a such an early stage it is called prenatal bonding.

There are some arguments as to whether or not an infant is affected at this phase in their life – fact is that they are. A mother’s emotional state, while pregnant, directly affects that of her unborn child.

It is a known fact that a pregnant woman should stay as relaxed and stress free as possible. The reason may not be clear – because it will directly affect your child. Staying completely stress free is more of a dream though. Reality is, life will stress you out at times, no matter how much you try to fight it.

It is imparative, in these situations, to reassure your unborn child with comments like “Mommy is feeling upset because of work, it has nothing to do with you.”

Talking to your baby, even while in the womb, helps to build the prenatal bond, and builds a solid foundation for bonding later in life.

There are other ways to build a strong prenatal bonding with your baby.

  • Pat your stomach gently while talking to your baby (this encourages a physical bond as well.
  • Read or tell stories to your baby
  • Sing to him or her
  • Play your favorite kind of music for him or her (you can even put headphones, such as Bellybuds, on your belly for a more realistic experience)
  • Play classical or calming music to your unborn baby (this stimulates brain activity)
  • Create casual conversation with him or her (talk about what you are doing, how you are feeling, where you are going, etc)

Prenatal bonding is important for daddy as well, as daddy plays a big role in a childs’ life. Mommy is, obviously, the closest person – physically – to the unborn child. This does not mean that a baby does not need their daddy – the contrary is true.

It has been proven that newborns recognize both the mother’s and father’s voice after birth. Imagine the bond daddy can build if he communicates with the baby in the womb. When fathers take the same role as mothers, during pregnancy, that prenatal bond is built making a more solid parental bond after birth. The more a father communicates during pregnancy, the higher the chance is that his baby will recognize his voice and actually look for him in a room.

One of daddy’s most important roles is protection. Protecting mother and child will never come to an end, but is heightened during pregnancy. The more apparent this is, the more solid that bond is between baby and father. If both mother and father can work together on prenatal bonding, then family bond and foundation is much stronger.

Prenatal bonding builds a foundation for the baby that will help him or her in the future. Surprisingly, this type bonding will help with crucial developmental stages of a babies life. This type of bonding tends to lead to a calmer baby, or one that will calm quickly when near their parents. It has also been proven that prenatal bonding strengthens speech and language acquisition in children.

Music and communication are important factors in the bonding process, especially with an unborn child. This bonding technique can be continued after birth. There are many early childhood music options available – find these and play them frequently for your newborn.

Remember to continually communicate aka prenatal bonding, with your baby, through song, talk, and stories. It is never too early to begin!

This article was first published in Today’s Motherhood Magazine


Today’s Featured Review:

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Posted on 2011/01/19 at 6:19 PM

If you, your wife or someone you know is pregnant, you have to check out these cool BellyBuds!!! BellyBuds is a safe, convenient option for sharing music, voices and/or sound with your baby-to-be via their “bellyphones” that adhere to the belly with medical-grade, reusable and skin-safe hydrogel rings. They are really easy to wear and can go right under your clothes!

They have recently launched a new innovative VoiceShare application that allows moms to record unique audio for the baby! This would be so great for grandparents that are far away, husbands in the military, surrogate or adoptive parents. A message can be personally recorded for the baby and played via BellyBuds! How cool is that?

For more information and to find a store near you that carries BellyBuds, click here! Or you can purchase them online on their website



Real Mom Reviews – Just a REAL mom reviewing REAL stuff

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January 31, 2001
Belly Buds are a brand new, safe and convenient option for prenatal bonding with your baby.
Belly Buds special speakers gently adhere to the belly and play directly into the womb, so your developing baby can hear prenatal music, voices, soothing sounds, or whatever you like!
Belly Buds come attached to a 3.5 mm standard audio jack that is compatible with the iPod as well as most other digital audio devices, and the high quality Y Splitter allows the option for simultaneous listening. I unfortunately didn’t get a Y Splitter in my package, so I wasn’t able to try this out, but without being able to listen to the same thing Emmitt was hearing, I felt disconnected, so I highly suggest making sure you get a Y Splitter too.
Belly Buds have a fixed safe maximum volume so you won’t have to worry about turning them up too loud. Skin-safe, disposable, hydrogel adhesive rings secure the Belly Buds to the ever changing curves of your pregnant baby bump!
If you are a music lover, and your baby responds to music when played, or voices when heard, I highly suggest Belly Buds!Emmitt has a preference to anything with a fast beat! It only takes a few minutes of the Belly Buds on my tummy before he starts a kicking!I also found that my adhesive rings lasted for about 2 weeks, using them every other day. So if you plan to use this often, make sure you get extra rings!
Thanks for the rave review @skye

A Mother Knows Best…

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This month’s question: What’s your advice on keeping your relationship with your man solid?

Jama Williamson stars as Wendy on NBC’s Parks and Recreation and is also a spokesperson for (and the inspiration behind) her husband’s invention, Bellybuds ( Bellybuds is a safe and convenient option for sharing music, voices and/or sound with your baby-to-be. Here’s what this Los Angeles–based mother of two has to say:

“I recognize that she’s pretty hard-core conservative when it comes to gender roles, but I quite like the quote from talk radio’s Dr. Laura Schlessinger: ‘Be your husband’s girlfriend.’ It’s important to keep the relationship fresh, and although it’s easy to fall into tiring habits, it pays off to act the way you did at the beginning of your relationship. Greet each other with a big enthusiastic hello and kiss, hold hands, tell your husband you love him while you’re doing something mundane like doing dishes, get a bikini wax, have regular date nights and, most importantly, go away with each other. Nothing fans the flame more than time away from your environment. Every time we go away, we fall in love again—we have the luxury of having some wine, staying up late, going to dinner and just talking. We’ve had real epiphanies in those moments away—they’re like alchemy for any issues you might be having. It doesn’t have to be expensive—ours have usually come in the form of one night; my mom stays with the kids while she’s in town, and we steal away somewhere close to home—but for that one night, it feels like we just met, and that feeling buys us a good six months.



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