Set those DVRs! There’s a NEW reality show for expectant parents!

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Expectant parents you don’t wanna miss this… Lifetime is premiering the new reality show, “One Born Every Minute,” tomorrow night  (Tuesday, February 1) at 10 pm et/pt. The show takes an in-depth look at life inside the maternity ward at Riverside Methodist Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, as expectant mothers enter their final stage of pregnancy. From the delivery room, to the operating room, to the front desk, to the nurses’ station, 40 cameras roll 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to capture the high drama, humor and overwhelming emotion of childbirth as new lives begin and others change forever. Yay! American Idol and now this;-)

Here’s a little preview


Today’s Featured Review: @SpiltMilkMoms

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BellyBuds for Baby and Me!

When I was pregnant the first time my regular routine was to play music in my car really loud during my commutes to and from work so that my unborn son could get the benefit of not only hearing the latest and greatest (and yes, quite a bit of 80’s) music, but he also got to hear his mommy sing her little heart out each day. These days, however, my new little one can get all the benefits of hearing music in utero, without being tortured by my loud off-key singing, thanks to BellyBuds!

BellyBuds are specially designed “headphones” that stick to your belly allowing your baby to hear music played through the headphone jack on your portable mp3 device. The sample pack that the BellyBuds folks were kind enoough to send for this review come with Buddons™ attachments that work to dampen the external sound. The sound dampening effect is handy in keeping the music limited to playing for baby instead of the whole room.

What I loved about theBellyBudsis that they use a hydrogel adhesive that sticks gently to my skin, allowing me to move around with the BellyBuds on and not worry too much about them falling off like traditional headphones would. The benefit of this is that I even when I’m chasing my older son around trying to stop him from destroying, well, everything, I didn’t have to worry about the BellyBuds falling off mid-session. That said, I’ll probably need to buy replacement adhesives since my extra-lotioned belly has reduced the effectiveness of the ones that came with the sample pack rather quickly.

Of course, more often than not I found that having a toddler in the house limits the amount of time I can spend using the BellyBuds. My son is just so curious that he is always trying to pull the BellyBuds off my belly! Either that or he wants to play with my mp3 player. To avoid this I sometimes use the BellyBudsat the end of the day while watching tv in bed. Of course, get me in a nice comfy bed and the first thing I do is fall asleep! At least my little baby has a chance to enjoy the music while I’m napping!

And speaking of my little one, it’s hard to tell if the music is having any effect. I try to use the BellyBuds while the baby is awake, but since our schedules rarely match I wouldn’t be surprised if I was playing music while he/she is asleep because I don’t get much kicking or activity while the music is playing. I like to think that the music is so soothing that all he/she wants to do while the music plays it to just hang around and listen to the mellow tunes. I don’t know if that’s actually the case but I like knowing that I’m expanding my baby’s musical repertoire by exposing him/her to new and interesting sounds.

BellyBuds are available for purchase online for $49.99 US. Extra hydrogel adhesive packs can be purchased for $2.99 US a pack.

Thanks for the wonderful review!!


Today’s Featured Review: Baby Beers-Pennington’s Big Adventure

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Thanks for the rave reviews Baby Beers-Pennington’s Big Adventure :) Don’t worry this review has NOTHING to do with alcohol (it’s her hyphenated last name silly). Anyways check out this expectant mother’s blog – it’s quiet good!


Celebrating Surrogacy

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“Being a surrogate is like giving an organ transplant to someone, only before you die, and you actually get to see their joy.”

It is an act of love and more women than ever before are  having babies for those who cannot.

Bellybuds is not just for music anymore.  With the help of  our simple voice recording app, VoiceShare, biological parents eager to meet their baby-to-be can now start the bonding process even before their child is born. Expecting parents can record and share their voice as they sing songs and read stories to familiarize baby with the comfort of their voice. Try it out at – it’s FREE!



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$20 gift card for $10!So check this out bargin hunters! Today’s Living Social deal is a $20 gift card for $10!!! The deal is running in practically EVERY city across the country today! So hurry up and buy this deal to use towards your Bellybuds order;-)


How to Cope With Breech Baby

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At about 32 weeks, babies start to turn head down–into vertex position–and get ready for birth. However, some babies are born bottom first. This is known as the breech position or breach baby. About 3 to 4 percent of babies are breech. It’s important to find out what position your baby is because it is going to affect the method of delivery. It should be noted here that most breech babies are healthy. However, breech babies are at higher risk for certain conditions during delivery such as umbilical cord prolapse, brain injury and neurological disorders. Learn how to turn a breech baby here.


Ask your doctor to perform a physical exam to make sure where your baby’s head and back are located. Your doctor can also order an ultrasound to confirm that your baby is breech.

Use external cephalic version (ECV) to turn your baby. Your doctor will use her hands to turn a breech baby to head down position. This method can only be used at 37 weeks of pregnancy. Your doctor will assess your health and your baby’s health to assess whether such procedure is safe for you and your baby.

Massage your abdomen to turn your breech baby. Apply massage oil or lotion first. Put your left hand near the pubic bone and your right hand on top of the uterus. Move your hands clockwise around your abdomen. Do this for at least 10 minutes everyday.

Use music to turn a breech baby. Put bellybuds at your lower abdomen area to attract the baby by music. This will encourage her to turn head down.

When sitting, sit on a chair with a straight back, keep your legs open and your knees lower than hip. Your feet should be flat on the floor. Avoid crossing your legs.

Turn your baby by using the pelvic tilt exercise. Lie on your back. Bend your knees. Tighten the abs muscles and push the low back flat against the floor. Hold for five counts. Relax and repeat.

Talk to your doctor if your baby is still breech. C-section maybe a better delivery method for some breech babies. However, you can still deliver your baby vaginally. Almost half of breech babies are delivered vaginally.

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