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Bellybuds Music in Utero – Review

“I am very happy with Belly Buds, and have used them numerous times throughout my pregnancy. The nifty neoprene carry pouch is great for those times I am on the go. Super convenient! I think these are certainly worth purchasing for any new mom-to-be and would be a great gift at any baby shower!”

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Enter to Win a Bellybuds Prize Pack!

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Enter to win a Belly Buds prize pack which includes a pair of bellyphones, buddons, rings and a dock.  You can even record the voices of family members using the VoiceShare feature,

Enter at The Bump!  Good Luck!


Babies remember music heard in the womb

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According to the results of a small UK study, children recognize and prefer music they were exposed to in the womb for at least a year after they are born.

Researcher Dr. Alexandra Lamont stated that while she found no evidence that just playing music to babies improved their intelligence, the results are exciting as they suggest that the developing brain is capable of storing and recovering memories over a long period of time. (more…)


10 Easy Ways for Dad to Bond with Baby

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By Genevieve Richards
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Fathers often feel left out when it comes to bonding with their babies. Here are a few ideas to ensure the strongest of bonds!

Fathers and prospective fathers often feel like they’ve been “left out in the cold” when it comes to connecting with their babies. A father can’t feel his baby growing inside him, (possibly the most important bond between mother and child), nor can he experience the same bonding mothers experience when they breastfeed. But, this doesn’t mean that Dad can’t bond with Baby!

Here are 10 easy ways to ensure that Dad and Baby develop a strong connection. These helpful hints come directly from those in the know: other moms and dads

Talk to Baby In Utero

Barbara Kisilevsky, a nursing professor at Queens University in Ontario, conducted ground-breaking research with a team of psychologists from Queens, and obstetricians in Hangzhou, China, that proves babies can distinguish between their parents’ and strangers’ voices from 30 weeks in the womb. Male voices are lower in tone and are easier for babies pick up than women’s higher-pitched voices. The same study found that if dads speak to a baby before birth, the newborn will recognize his father’s voice. Charlie Case, mother of 16-week-old India, says, “Ted used to speak to my tummy every night towards the end of the pregnancy, and I’m sure that is why India knows his voice.” (more…)


Prenatal bonding through rhythm and song

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Elissa Sonnenberg

Whether you sing lullabies to your unborn child or simply enjoy humming your favorite song, some experts believe exposing your baby to music before birth builds more than a strong prenatal bond. (more…)


The Rhythms of our Lives

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Music uplifts and mirrors our feelings, and triggers feel-good chemicals in our body.

Tarana is humming happily to herself. She has just heard that she has been conferred the ‘Most Popular Employee’ award at her workplace. A happy tune seems to fit her mood.

Tammy, on the other hand, wants to immerse herself in sad songs. She is desolate since she broke up with her boyfriend. She has downloaded songs of parting, songs of betrayal and songs of unrequited love, and sits for hours with the earphones on. The songs mirror her feelings and threaten to become the soundtrack of her life.

Music has become ubiquitous in today’s society. Music is what we use to define our lives. The proliferation of technology has made music available at every turn. Music is considered essential for poignant moments and the joyous, for events both mundane and singular. Music has infiltrated our days and our nights: there seems to be a tune to complement every passing mood.

Music and the parental bond

In the unborn child, the auditory system starts functioning at 16 weeks. By 26 weeks, the foetus has a functioning brain around the auditory system, which is able to process rhythms and musical sounds. Many mothers say that the child in the womb starts to move vigorously when music is played. Newborn infants respond to music, and even cranky, colicky babies quieten down when a tune is played or sung. Parents can coax their children to sleep by singing a lullaby. Even the first sounds made by a child, as a response to its mother’s voice, resemble the ‘call and response’ that is seen in classical music… (more…)

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